Work In Process


Work In Process

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Red & Black
IGEPA ‘Velour’ 1.5 200g/m2
950 x 635mm
Edition 50

Designed by Work In Process

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Our definition of "visual grammar": set of rules organizing visual elements together to build an image; visual elements being what words are to a sentence and the set of rules being informal as compared to any language. In visual grammar, the author creates rules.

Visual grammar is conveyed utilising simple shapes resulting in an abstract and clean image. If visual grammar dictates the way visual elements are put together to create an aspect such as movement, symmetry, etc., it does not mean that the resulting appearance has to be geometrical, but could also be organic.

A few quotes that lead us to the subject of nature including the human aspect:

“This is all about being aware of our responsibilities, so that the harmony created is not unrelated to the human; then, there will be a powerful harmony. The search for harmony or plastic totality is not only a matter of form or colour, it is the whole matter of psychic totality that remains open.” Paul Klee

“Man invented things by imposing a shape on nature. Man discovered things by revealing the pattern of nature.” Alan Fletcher

“There is no better designer than nature.” Alexander McQueen

Visual grammar being created, used and understood by men led our poster’s subject to be nature and geometry coexisting. This formed our aspect of visual grammar as positive/negative, and the circle (or dot) and line became the basic components we chose to use to bring this to life.

Text by Work In Process