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Red & Black
IGEPA ‘Velour’ 1.5 200g/m2
950 x 635mm
Edition 50

Designed by North

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In examining the role visual grammar plays in our working processes, we were drawn to halftone patterning as an underlying structure of print design. We were curious to consider whether halftone can been seen as a microcosm of several aspects of visual grammar (relationships, structures, texture, repetition etc).

Our design is a study in the inherent beauty of halftones. An image is formed of hallftone screens, deliberately exaggerated in scale to better display the precise structure and subtle modulation across a dark to light gradation.

Additional investigation into the properties of moiré led to the idea of combining different halftone dot shapes (round and square).

These were superimposed at identical angles and frequencies creating new positive and negative shapes within the same formal structure.

These two dot shapes were further magnified and overlaid as compositional elements revealing the basic components of the design.

Text by North