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Red & Black
IGEPA ‘Velour’ 1.5 200g/m2
950 x 635mm
Edition 50

Designed by Neubau

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This poster addresses fundamental issues surrounding visual grammar, and examines the essential and dominant components of visual language, affect and locality of graphic design. It also presents an interchangeable level of discourse, connecting leading principles of design history and the ever-evolving modes of interactivity that surround both contemporary poster design and international studio culture.

The viewer is immediately presented with ‘NB-Rietveld Pro’, a detailed and geometrically demanding typeface consisting of simplified visual compositions reduced to their vertical and horizontal directions. ‘This challenges the perceptions of the visual object and it’s creative potential’ [1] offering the ultimate in simplicity and abstraction within the bounds of conceptually driven, neo-modern typography and typographic-led graphic design. 

In accordance with supplemental data contained in this communication system the typefaces ‘NB-Rietveld Pro’ and ‘NB-Typewriter Pro’ are controlled through a rigorous studio development programme in order to interrogate essential philosophies pertaining to simplicity of construction, form, harmony and order within system-based graphic design.

As a means to exemplify Neubau’s philosophy and methods of production regarding the importance of user-centred software development and data creation, Neubau Berlin invites you to participate in this research by downloading ‘NB-Rietveld Pro’ outlining a critical juxtaposition of the hand-crafted and the instant availability of internet-ready software utilized or obtained for the making of auxiliary design and/or graphic design output.

[1] Leborg, C. Visual Grammar, Princeton Architectural Press, 2006

NB-Rietveld ProTM, 2012 Edition Download

Design by Stefan Gandl
Text by Paul Heys