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Red & Black
IGEPA ‘Velour’ 1.5 200g/m2
950 x 635mm
Edition 50

Designed by MuirMcNeil

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Our intention for this project was to produce a typographic poster using only the text provided in a way that distilled the words to visual abstractions. We anticipated that separating form from meaning would speak about visual grammar in a direct and immediate way.

The final poster is a typeset composition where the boundary between what can and what can’t be read is blurred.

The large type is set in ThreeSix 07, a system of seven typefaces comprising only rounded horizontal and vertical strokes, separated into interlocking layers. Out of 49 possible combinations one has been used in the final piece.

The body text is set in one weight and size of ThreeTwo 00, an extensive modular type system which we are currently developing.

Letterforms are composed from dot grids at fixed increments. As type sizes become smaller, resolution decreases. Although bodies of text appear to retain typographic features, characters are unrecognisable individually.

Text by Hamish Muir & Paul McNeil