Leterme Dowling


Leterme Dowling

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Red & Black
IGEPA ‘Velour’ 1.5 200g/m2
950 x 635mm
Edition 50

Designed by Leterme Dowling

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For our poster, to communicate the ‘Visual Grammar’ event, we have chosen to convey the given information through the use of international maritime signal flags.

This system of flag signals was first drafted in 1855 by the British Board of Trade and as well as being a means to communicate messages between ships for hundreds of years, it is also a very apt example of what Wucius Wong, in his seminal work on visual grammar, ‘Principles of Two Dimensional Design’, described as ‘contrast’ within design.

In the late 1960’s and early 70’s Wong taught a two dimensional design course at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, for members of the public who wished to learn the fundamentals of design in their spare time.

‘Contrast’, Wong described, ‘happens all the time, although its presence may be overlooked. There is contrast when a form is surrounded by blank space. There is contrast when a straight line meets a curve. There is contrast when one form is much bigger than the other. There is contrast when vertical and horizontal directions coexist.

Contrast is simply a kind of comparison where by differences are made clear. This can be greatly appreciated in the use of international maritime signal flags, where the clearest contrast between forms was required for the alphabet to be read and understood with clarity from distance and while on the move.

Our poster reads, ‘Visual Grammar, 06.09.2012 to 18.09.2012, open daily from 10.00 to 19.00’.

Text by Leterme Dowling