Claudia Klat


Claudia Klat

25.00 50.00

Red & Black
IGEPA ‘Velour’ 1.5 200g/m2
950 x 635mm
Edition 50

Designed by Claudia Klat

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The title of the exhibition ‘Visual Grammar’ was used to illustrate the aim of the exhibition.

The result was a series of experiments where single letters were reduced to their basic geometric shapes: the circle, the square and the triangle. A set for each letter was developed in which the variations of the letter covers a range from plane to linear, thick to thin, big to small and wide to narrow. It was important to keep the characteristic quality of the letters so they wouldn‘t drift into illegibility.

The letters were chosen carefully, they confront one another within the composition.
Differentiation in weight, scale and quality increases the contrast between the different elements. The letter turns into a form. The elements were arranged on a grid in two different reading directions. The colour is used to distinguish the two words.

Text by Claudia Klat